In this section,

we will review why Lyme disease is so complicated through descriptions of the other bacterial co-infections that often are involved. We want to empower you with as much information as possible; however, this type of information can be confusing and complicated. If you are suffering from one of the common symptoms of Lyme, like brain fog or cognitive issues, feel free to take your time or ask a friend or family member to go through it with you.

Lyme & Co-infections:

Unfortunately, when we talk about Lyme disease, we are not just talking about one infection. Borrelia burgdorferi is the bacteria that causes Lyme disease; however, Borrelia is virtually never contracted alone. There are a number of additional infections, called co-infections, that are contracted along with Borrelia when a person is bitten by a tick. Let’s review the Bugs that are to Blame for your symptoms:



Bug Types