The most common cause of mold illness is inhalation exposure from the air inside a water-damaged building. Around 80% of cases of mold illness are caused by exposure to mold from a water-damaged home, work, school or other frequented indoor environment. The EPA estimates that 50% of homes are moldy, so many people are being exposed to mold at a level that can cause illness. If you have mold illness, you will feel debilitated by the symptoms. Mold illness is often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, headaches, ADD, anxiety, depression, and has been linked as a contributor to neurodegenerative conditions like MS and Alzheimer’s disease.


How Mold Enters the Body

  1. Inhalation – most common method of entry of mold toxins in people with mold illness is from inhaling air from a water-damaged building.
  2. Ingestion – this is the least likely way to expose your body to mold but it is possible to have minor exposure through the food you eat.