Inflammation is a big problem for people with Lyme disease.


Inflammation plays a major role in people with Lyme Disease and other chronic health conditions. Unlike acute inflammation, which is beneficial and is the body’s queue to start the healing process, chronic inflammation is responsible for many symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease.

Chronic inflammation starts when the bacteria initially enters the body. The bacteria that causes Lyme Disease is a spiral-shaped bacterium called a spirochete. Spirochetes drill into tissues, damaging them along the way. Adjacent tissues become inflamed during this process. These bacteria also secrete toxins which produce an immune system response and drive inflammation.

There’s also the Herxheimer reaction, which is a huge inflammatory immune response that causes many problems. Many of Lyme Disease co-infections also cause inflammation. Infections like Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia Pneumonia, and Rickettsia are known to infect blood vessels and decrease the oxygen supply to the blood, which again drives an inflammatory reaction.

Fatigue, joint and muscle pain, memory problems, mood problems like depression, anxiety, rage, and irritability, nerve pain, insomnia, and headaches are some of the most common symptoms that are influenced and worsened by inflammation.

Treating Lyme and co-infections is vital to decreasing inflammation. Without decreasing the microbial load from the infections, inflammation will stay high. We always recommend that you consult a doctor when treating your Lyme infection (check out our treatment options).

Additionally, there are some simple ways to reduce inflammation and reduce symptoms while you’re treating Lyme disease and co-infections.

  1. Diet is one of the easiest ways, and most in your control, to reduce inflammation. Eating a diet of anti-inflammatory food, like non-nightshade vegetables, will cool down inflammation in the body. See the Return Healthy Food and Lifestyle Guide for tips and tricks on how to use your diet to lower inflammation.
  2. Meditation is another great way to reduce inflammation. Meditation calms the brain, which is why it feels so relaxing, but the body follows suit, and studies show that inflammation is lowered as well. This helps the immune system function better and reduces pain.
  3. My supplement brand Return Healthy makes an amazing product to reduce inflammation called Itis. It is loaded with herbs and natural ingredients that naturally lowers inflammation including inflammation related to infections, herxing, and other causes.